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  • 6 Wissotsky St. , Tel Aviv, Israel


Hi-Tech & Venture Capital


The firm’s Hi-Tech and Venture Capital Department, led by Adv. Dan Lahat, is unique among Israel’s law firms. The experienced and skilled team is devoted to legal excellence and to provide our clients with the highest quality and most professional advice in an efficient and responsive manner, therefore being exceptionally cost-effective.

Commercial and Civil Litigation


The firm’s clientele consists of a wide range of Israeli and international corporations and businesses, including leading industrial companies, food manufacturers, predominant advertising agencies in Israel and abroad, hi-tech corporations and private businesses.


Real Estate


The Real Estate team provides consultation on a wide variety of legal issues concerning sales and purchase transactions, registration of rights, combination transactions, real estate development, tenders, leasing transactions, infrastructure, commercial real estate and large scale urban renewal projects.

Intellectual Property, Media, Communication and Advertising


Our team has extensive experience and valuable knowledge in all the various aspects of intellectual property, including handling trademarks, copyrights, samples, licensing, franchising, artists’ rights and campaigns and privacy laws, based on years of providing such services to clients in connection with their local and international commercial activities.


Corporate and Commercial Law


The firm’s Corporate and Commercial Department has gained extensive experience providing legal advice to clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including, internet, new media, software, communication, security, cyber, e-commerce, fashion, entertainment, life science, medical cannabis, medical devices and food manufacturing.