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Intellectual Property, Media, Communication and Advertising


Lahat, Nahum, Shimony & Co., represents Israel’s largest media and advertising companies and in well known as an industry leader in this field.

Our clients enjoy full legal services, from the very initial stage of verbal idea through its implementation and to the proceedings with the relevant authorities and the relevant regulator, including the Trademarks Registrar, Patents Registrar, Information Registrar, the various television channels and the Second Authority for Television and Radio.

Our team provides ongoing consulting on the various aspects of regulation and legislation matters, tenders and content relating issues.

Our team has extensive experience and valuable knowledge in all the various aspects of intellectual property, including handling trademarks, copyrights, samples, licensing, franchising, artists’ rights and campaigns and privacy laws, based on years of providing such services to clients in connection with their local and international commercial activities.

This department is led by: